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Bag of Pay Dirt

Introducing Our Newest Product, 'PayDirt'

Seacoast Farm's compost is accepted by the State Department of Agriculture for use on certified organic farms and in organic planting applications. Our compost is compliant with NOP Section 205.203(c)(2).

Our manufactured topsoils include two basic products:
Natural organic compost and our specially blended Superloam, a blend of our compost and finely graded loam to create a supercharaged lawn foundation. Both products have significant benefits over standard loam.

We also blend athletic field and special project mixes to specification

Seacoast Compost creates an organic compost that blends perfectly with other materials. Our equipment and site are set up to blend sands, bark fines, or sandy loams with our compost to produce athletic field mixes, wetlands reclamation soils, bio-remediation substrata, and special garden mixes. We have provided soils for soccer and practice field growing media, wetlands rejuvenation soils, and greenhouse and potting mixes. Call our design engineer, Bob Kelly (603-396-4108) to discuss your needs and specifications. We can arrange trucking by trailer or dump truck to address your access limitations.

What makes compost a better product for landscaping and lawn management? Organic matter and nutrient balance.

All vegetation needs organic matter and nutrients to grow. Organic matter means regenerative growth; nutrients mean fast seed starts and plant disease protection. Our composting process eliminates weed seeds, typically a significant problem with aged loam. The higher moisture retention capabilities of compost also insure greener summer lawns, plantings and vegetation without excessive irrigation.

Seacoast Farms produces a 100% organic composted product from leaves, yard trimmings, food residuals, seafood wastes, and animal manures. No sludges or human wastes are mixed into our products. Our products are composted for 6-9 months into a stable soil product. They are carefully cured, blended and balanced for the grower's benefit.

You can pickup our compost at our facility, or arrange for delivery to your home or job site for a minimum of three yards of either product. Contact us for pricing.

Calculate Area/Volume

  • If you have a roughly rectangular or oval space, measure or pace off length times width in feet then multiply by 0.1 for a top dress, 0.2 for a new lawn area with decent existing soils, and 0.3 for new lawn area with poor or gravelly soils. Divide result by 27 to get cubic yardage.
  • For basic area of a circular space, measure or pace off diameter of a circle in feet, square the result then multiply by 0.1 for a top dress, 0.2 for a new lawn area with decent existing soils, and 0.3 for a new lawn area with poor or gravelly soils. Divide result by 27 to get cubic yardage.

Price List
A 3 to 5 yard residential delivery of either Organic Compost or Superloam direct to the homeowner.
For larger amounts, call for a quote.

  • Fremont, Epping: $36/yard delivered
  • Brentwood, Candia, Exeter, Danville, Hampton, Newfield, Newmarket, Sandown, Raymond, Kingston: $40/yard delivered
  • Portsmouth, Durham, Madbury, Rye, Kensington, Hampton Falls, Plaistow, Seabrook, North Hampton: $45/yard delivered
  • Remainder of Rockingham County and Rochester south: generally $48/yard depending on exact location.

7.0 - 7.3 (neutral)

25 - 35%

0.5 - 2%

3/8 inch minus






YES (slow release to root systems)



Organic matter

Macro nutrients (nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium)

Sieve size

Use as a garden supplement

Athletic field top dress

Plant (including grass) disease reduction

Weed seed elimination

Texture for erosion control

Summer/dry moisture retention

Fast seed starter growth

<6 (requires lime)


0 - .1%

1/2 inch plus






NO (creates dust)

Only with fertilizers

Our composted products are “made” from leaves, cow manure, yard trimmings, etc. – we take these organic waste products and turn them into balanced organic matter that is a superior mixture of natural ingredients – better at retaining moisture, better for drainage and better at restoring nutrients without chemicals.

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